Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I absolutely LOVE this book!!

Ok, so a little background. I'm a bookworm at heart. I love books, and growing up, there wasn't a jogging, jumping, let's play ball, bone in my body. SO while everyone else was running around, I more than likely had my nose stuck in a book on the sidelines - I was the moral support. But don't get me wrong I was a geek/bookworm that was still concerned about staying in shape, just not if it included anything involving my running around the park, or catching a ball. So, needless to say I wasn't blessed with that lithe, stream lined looking figure.
Fast forwarding to when I did finally decide to kick staying in shape up a notch or two. I decided I'd try yoga, there was so much to be said about it and it wasn't fast paced - which I liked. I thought it to be a great let's get moving breaker.
So I visited my most loved place in the world - the library : ) I borrowed and went through so many books, tossing each one back for being to detailed -you got lost in it, not enough pictures, just down right boring and so on and so on.
Finally one day I came across this one thinking it wasn't going to be any better, but I was wrong. This book is so easy to follow - a simple how to do each pose along the side, but the PICTURES are what I love, it's just you look at it, and you know EXACTLY what it is you have to do, there's no guessing. The book is broken down in to ten chapters, with several poses in each chapter. Working it's way up from beginner to someone who is more experienced. I love the fact that I can stumble, fall, roll over, and still be stuck on the same post until I get it. For me it was a WHOLE lot easier to follow than a video.
I started noticing a huge difference in a few weeks time after diligently doing it everyday. I looked taller, more put together, and FIT.