Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I'll be the first to admit to anyone that I have the rythym and coordination of a blind monkey with two left feet. So following along with a video has always been a waste of time for me, because while they're going in one direction I am more than likely going in the other, they doing a grape vine across the floor and I'm still suck on trying to pick up the footwork, that I don't even realize we're way past the grape vine and on to much bigger and better things that are way over my rythym challanged self.
And something much slower than this always bores me to tears with the incessant talking that they always seem to do. It's like get on with it already.
I was combing the net one day for different health and fitness tips and well truthfully amke myself feel better for just "looking". I came across YBB from another blog and while again with the monkeys and the left feet.. I always wanted to learn to dance, so I thought "why not?" I made my way over to amazon and bought me my first copy- it was a two disc set The HIPHOP ABS and CARDIO CABARET.
I have to say..I'm no future you think you can dance star, but I can follow along with these easily enough, and I look forward to doing them. The routines are done so that you dont realize you're working out, it's just seems like you're having fun. They are great for cardio. I believe there are other disc to this set that include more mat work.