Monday, May 21, 2012

Day one of the Gunnar Exercise Program -

Basically today was just following the meal plan and setting your goals and getting familiar with everything if you were not able to do so before hand.

The program itself is really great, you can keep track of everything on the website - food you eat, workouts, weight, measurements and so forth.

The meal plan itself is actually not as bad as I thought it was going to be, A big turn off for me whens tarting something is usually the food it requires. I like being able to do a program and not have to replace my entire pantry or shop for two different styles of eating. Thankfully though we don't do processed foods or many ready made snack or junk food items, we eat ALOT of veggies, and I usually try to make breads and snacks for my children from scratch - that way I know what is going in it and how much and can usually swap out alot of sugar for another item and even add in items like wheat germ or flax, so the menu had a lot of htings I already had and I would think most people would have in their kitchen as well.

Today is actually considered a rest day, I was actually gearing myself up for a full blown workout, but was somewhat relieved to see that it actually starts tomorrow.

So I am off to go weigh, and measure myself.  He did say take a bikini shot... but ehhhh I am not so brave.